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The 7th international conference AJT summed up the results of the year


The international network of Jewish teenage clubs “Active Jewish Teens” (AJT) held the seventh online conference, which brought together teenagers from all over the FSU.

For three days, the guys got acquainted with all the teens clubs of the AJT network in the FSU and communicated with their active peers. In addition, each of them had a unique opportunity to attend six free online classes with the world's leading speakers on such topics as startups, communications, creativity, management and influence.

According to the head of the AJT club Sonya Bronstein, it is in such clubs that teenagers can realize themselves: “Each of us in adolescence wants to be the coolest, the best and achieve a lot. The Teens Club is a great platform to try it all out. You come here and learn to implement your own projects, communicate with people, take responsibility for something, learn a lot, from Jewish history to organizing events. This is a unique experience that teens can get in few places else.”

Together with BBYO music leaders from the USA Eric Hanker and Happy Hoffman, the guys met Shabbat and Havdalah, singing songs with the guitar accompaniment. In addition, everyone could compete in the most global quest in AJT history ever.

A special guest, Ukrainian singer Volodymyr Dantes, who was the speaker of the AJT conference for the second time, told the teenagers why it was important to help others. “Doing good is so easy that it’s even a shame to talk about it,” said Volodymyr Dantes. - Growing up, we think that everything is measured materially - money, food, things, and we forget what is important - attention. In Beit Dan JCC we went from house to house and communicated with people, and for them the most important thing was attention. Because people have forgotten what it is like - to talk, to share something, because no one calls them, does not ask "How are you?"

The conference summed up the results of the year, distributing traditional nominations:

  • the teenage club from Volgograd “Jewmanji” became “Volunteer of the Year”;
  • in the nomination “Initiative of the Year” the winner was the project “Through the Borders” by Liza Yakimova from Odessa;
  • “AJT Cinema” was received by the clubs “Shahar” from Dnipro and “Migdal” from Odessa;
  • the smartest club was “Migdal” from Odessa;
  • Mikhail Gavrilov from Volgograd, David Oks from Odessa, Yanita Bigeza from Minsk, Arina Andrienko from Krivoy Rog and Alik Boyko from Zaporozhye received the nomination “AJTorah”;
  • the breakthrough of the year were the clubs “Maccabi 51” from Murmansk, “NOEK” from Nikolaev and “Tkhia” from Gomel;
  • the most active clubs in social networks were “Be Jewish” from Krivoy Rog and “Nikitskaya Generation” from Moscow;
  • Sonya Bronstein from Tula and Ilya Buzunov from Kiev became the best leader (head) of the year;
  • Polina Blinder from Odessa and Tanya Kononova from Kazan became the leader (head) of the decade;
  • “NAAR” from Yekaterinburg became the most active club of the year. 

Through online voting, the teenagers chose the new AJT presidents - Lisa Gurko from the Odessa club Migdal and Daniil Kolesnikas from the Krasnodar JEWKRD, who will form a new teenage parliament for 2021. The previous AJT president Irina Kozak delgate powers to new leaders, thanking the team for the past year: “We all know that this year was not the easiest one, but despite this, you and I managed to achieve many goals and I am very proud of it. We really were able to become a family with you this year and I am sure that our friendship with you will by no means end with the end of the presidential-parliamentary term."

The conference ended with a lively online disco, where children could dance to their favorite music in their own rooms.

Financier Ramy Zaycman believes that such events have a huge impact on the development of adolescents and their formation as individuals. “Such international meetings are very important, because they not only help to strengthen the Jewish consciousness and feel oneself as a part of a large Jewish family in any corner of the world, but also to develop the teenager's character strengths and talents, as well as to determine the future profession with the help of th experienced mentors support” - he said.

The teenagers themselves were also pleased, despite the fact that for the first time in seven years of AJT's existence, the conference was conducted in an online format. “Studio, hosts, events and classes with coffee breaks - fire!” - the participant Ivan shared his impressions. “I remember the first conference I attended. Some "crazy" people were running around. But the atmosphere was addictive. This is something that still does not let go. Even now online, I live in a laptop and feel this atmosphere. Thanks everyone, guys! ” - Polina, the participant, thanked the organizers.