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"Happy Birthday" online, a volunteer project by teenagers from Kazan

Guys from AJT "Among Your Own" teen club in Kazan take a very active part in the community activities. Our teenagers are regular participants of many campaigns of Atikva Volunteer Center.

Volunteering is an important and integral part of life of the club members in Kazan. Three years ago, one of our activists launched the Happy Birthday Project. This is a special and very important project for our community. First of all, it is important because every child is always looking forward to their birthday. But unfortunately, not every family, due to different circumstances, can arrange a celebration for children. And then our teenage volunteers come to help the kids who are at risk group. Their task is to work out a special birthday program and entertain the kids. Teenagers carefully consider every holiday, because every child is individual and requires a special attitude. The activist who launched this project has already graduated from our teen club and continued his studies in another city. But the guys couldn't leave the children without a holiday and the new club member has already assumed this responsibility and together with the initiative group of guys continues to make children happy.

Unfortunately, in the tough conditions of self-isolation our guys can not carry out outdoor activities, but our teenagers did not get confused and came up with a new way how to congratulate the participants online. By a surprising coincidence, a child for whom the teens held the first birthday in 2017 also participated in the first "Happy Birthday" online. Even in quarantine conditions, the holiday must be held. The volunteers created a greeting video with a quiz for the little participant, who turned 10 years old. He also posted the answer video and was very happy to receive our congratulations. Our birthday boy celebrated his first small anniversary in the company of his older friends. Our teenagers have many birthdays to celebrate, and they have already begun to prepare, inventing new and interesting forms of congratulations both online and in quarantine. All children believe in miracles and our teenagers help them keep that faith a little longer!