The school is based on a combination of professional pedagogy, non-formal education, leadership training, Jewish knowledge and Judaism values . After completing a one-year course, you will learn how to create and conduct lectures with a group, speak in front of the audience, become part of the international team of AJT madrichim, and be able to work in camps and at seminars.

The most successful graduates will receive an invitation to become a part of the large team of madrihim of the AJT international Conference 2022.

For each participant the educational course of the future madrichim consists of 3 seminars.

Between the seminars, participants will complete assignments, undergo training on online platforms, communicate with project mentors.

Our teachers

Artem Okun

Artem Okun

Kharkov, Ukraine

Yulia Zhornik

Yulia Zhornik

Minsk, Belarus

Ilya Emaev

Ilya Emaev

Ufa, Russia

Criteria for participation


Age 14 - 17 years old


Active position in the Jewish community of your city

(recommendation from the head of the youth club and director of the Community Center)


Youth movement graduates

(a graduate is a member of the AJT movement who has completed 2 sessions of AJT)


Willingness to be at all sessions of the project


Experience of successfully implementing projects in your community

All participants who come to the seminar must have a PCR test, an antigen test or a vaccination certificate. All participants will cross countries with an adult escort. Participants who have not reached the age of 16 must have power of attorney from parents for accompanying persons during travel / flights


Artem Okun

head of the international madrihim school

+380 99 283 9981

[email protected]