The first AJT Ukraine seminar for 58 teenagers from 17 teenage clubs was held in Kharkov from January 30 to February 2

Traditionally, the participants were divided into 2 groups - those who came to their first seminar and those who already have experience working with projects and this seminar is the second for themAn important aspect for us at the seminars is Jewish education. At each seminar of the teenage network, special attention is paid to covering the topic of the year for participants. This year our topic is My Jewish Year”.


Changes in AJT 2020 Parliament functioning

Hello, AJT, the 4th Parliament is on line! Recently we have had the first work meeting in Kyiv! On this meeting we introduced our communities, talked about our roles there, discussed initiatives, which are worth to be implemented, performed a session in Lo Domim, and also we concluded that AJT (just like all of us) has grown a lot, that is why our parliament wants to work for strengthening of all that was created. 


Knowledge night" in the teens club “Miseba” (Rostov)

Traditionally, Knowledge night takes place every year, the very night when you dive in the club atmosphere, talk for the whole night, make jokes and have fun. This time teens became time travelers. Thanks to one of the main projects “We have all ourselves” everybody from the club went through such periods as Stone Age, Bronze Age, Medieval Japan, France in 19th century - all of that became a start of the long and interesting night. 


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