• AJT, a JDC program in affiliation with BBYO      
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Gathering after a long separation

AJT is a huge youth movement where teenagers from all over the world can exchange experiences and make new friends from other countries and cities. Seminars, Shabbatons, festivals, conferences - all this helps teenagers feel drive, positive emotions and sparkling joy.

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AJT Kazan. The fire within us

There are three things in this world you can watch forever: water falling, clouds drifting across the sky and fire burning. Fire is a true miracle of nature. It is powerful and dangerous, but at the same time delightful and alluring. But we have long learned how to benefit from fire: thanks to it we can cook, we can build, we can make dishes. It was the receipt of fire by man that became the starting point in the knowledge and study of the world around him. The controlling of fire by man was the starting point in the knowledge and study of the outside world.

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J-Serve. Halom Youth Club members (Kirov) visited stray animals

Recently 10 teenagers from the Halom club visited “Wet Nose” animal shelter in Kirov together with volunteers. This was the first time the teenagers aged 13-17 took part in such a trip, so they prepared for it in advance. The club's curator told them why it was so important to help animals and described the benefits of volunteering.

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