Derech (Odessa city)

Youth club “Dereh” in Jewish Cultural Center “Deit Grand” is in Odessa, Ukraine. We have been successfully working for 5 years in the field of Jewish informal education and and entertaining content with teenagers aged 14-19 ears of Odessa city.

During 5 years there have been conducted 8 stylistic shabbatons, 3 shabbatons outdoors in the tents, there are a lot of projects working each day (the total amount of 22), our counselors work in seminars, children camps, holidays celebrations. The teenagers of our youth club are taking part in such projects as “Metsuda” Ukraine, “Post Metsuda” Ukraine, “AJT” Ukraine, “BBYO” the USA, “The planet of games” Ukraine. We’re constantly learning and evolving, we’re open to new people and knowledge. Our participants are very active in volunteering and they’re willing to become counselors, to attend different seminars and to help our youth club grow day after day. 

The head: Grigory Grishilo

Address: Odessa, str. Nezhinskaya 77/79, JCC “Beit Grand”

Tel: +38(063)599-34-27