Teenage club "NOEK" (Mykolaiv)

Teenage club "NOEK" of Mykolaiv Community of Jewish culture is a big friendly creative family.

The club was founded as a separate department six years ago. However, despite such a small age, it's still the place where action is thanks to creative youth and of course the management. Over the years, several managers have changed at the club. And each of them has left a bright trace in the life of the teen club and its members.

The main directions in the work of the club have always been and remain unchanged:

- Active participation in community life, all-round assistance in any aspects of activity of Mykolaiv Community of Jewish Culture.
- Detailed study of Jewish history and traditions, self-identification of each member of the teen club and keeping with Jewish traditions.
- Self-development, training and mastering new skills.

The teenage club takes the most active part in the volunteer activities organized by city organizations and the volunteer center founded on the basis of the Mykolaiv Community of Jewish Culture.

Our social media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teens_noek/

Manager: Samoshina Valeria

Phone number: 0637561510

Address: Ukraine, Mykolaiv, Navarynska St, 23/1, Mykolaiv Community of Jewish Culture