Youth club “Simcha”

Youth club “Simcha” was created in the city charitable fund “Hesed Shahar” in 2004.

There have been a lot of generations of members of Jewish community participating in the club.

The last graduates of the youth club transformed to the family club “Mishpacha yehudit”, they are active members of Sunday school, community programs, holidays and events, and they are also active volunteers. 

Due to the growing age difference of the youth club participants there has been decided that older participants will become part of the family club, and the youth club will transform into teens because of the growing number of teenagers.

Today there are 20 active participants of the club, and there are about 30-40 people coming to the holiday celebrations and different events.  

The main directions and forms of teens club “Simcha” are:

Learning Jewish traditions, conducting events, cinema-club, active rest, participation in the life of community, volunteer actions.

The club cooperates with municipal organizations and educational institutions.


Address: Poltava region,

city Mirgorod

str. Nezavisimosti 27/19


The head: Viktoiya Pokutnaya