Neurim (Lviv city)

Youth club “Neurim” was founded on the base of Jewish Charitable Fund “Hesed-Arie” in 2011. The target audience of our club is the youth aged 13 to 30. We are focused on involving youth in life of Jewish community of the city, awaking their Jewish self-consciousness for preserving traditions, customs and culture of our nation. All of these factors influence community’s development in the best way. We achieve our goals actively and methodically by conducting various alternative activities, events, trips and etc. where Jewish topic and human values are closely intertwining.  We are planning to develop gradually, extending the scale and the scope of our activity.  


Аddress: Lviv city, str. Kotliarevskogo 30

Тel.:093 225 06 15

The head: Nikolay Sekerjinskiy