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Shavuot Night in Kryvyi Rih

On the night of May 15-16, on the eve of the Shavuot, the Be Jewish teenage club members spent 18 hours preparing for the Shavuot celebration.

First of all, the participants were divided into two groups, where they met new club members. At the very first meeting, the guys dipped into studying 10 commandments and plunged into the history of the holiday.

This was followed by a second meeting, where, with the help of comics, they learned the Book of Ruth.

We took leave of Shabbat with the Havdalah ceremony and sang so loudly that everyone in the neighborhood heard us singing.

The night had just started, but we were already in the midst of our event and we were getting ready for the "Torah Birthday" - an event where they learned even more about the history of Shavuot (especially its agricultural part) and festively decorated the walls of our community center with flowers.

An important part of the event was Movie-Midrash held by the youth club director, Ivan Kravchenko, after which an unexpected, night quest-surprise followed. The main task of quest was to find the stolen tablets.

Morning has come ... And it's time to wake up and to warm up / dance / do yoga and get ready for the saddest thing… After all the Shavuot night has come to an end and it's time to get ready for the next club events!