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AJT Kazan. The fire within us

There are three things in this world you can watch forever: water falling, clouds drifting across the sky and fire burning. Fire is a true miracle of nature. It is powerful and dangerous, but at the same time delightful and alluring. But we have long learned how to benefit from fire: thanks to it we can cook, we can build, we can make dishes. It was the receipt of fire by man that became the starting point in the knowledge and study of the world around him. The controlling of fire by man was the starting point in the knowledge and study of the outside world.

However, in my opinion, the main fire characteristic is to warm and give your warmth. Last Sunday, the teens from the club "Among Their Own" had a picnic related to the holiday of Lag Ba'Omer. Needless to say that everybody associates this holiday with a fire and its warmth. The members of the club arranged various contests and took part in interesting challenges in order to light a fire inside themselves. While spending time together, the teens exchange the warmth of their hearts and light up the new fire.

However, a picnic will not be good if it doesn’t include eat marshmallows or sausages cooked on a fire. Despite the extremely changeable weather, the guys were able to build a fire, not only inside themselves, but also in a specially equipped place. Perhaps everyone dreams of such a picnic: with close friends, delicious food, crackling fire sounds and sincere conversations round it. There no words that could describe this atmosphere -  you need to feel it.

The participants left the event not only well-fed and satisfied, but also full of positive emotions and impressions from the picnic. Everyone left with a small piece of coal, which will be warming the souls of all the teens for a long time. But what could be more pleasant than getting some warmth from fire? Of course, giving your warmth to others. Light up the fire inside yourself and spread the light and warmth!