Jewish Youth club "Anakhnu" (Pavlodar)

The youth club "Anakhnu" is a group of cheerful, active, talented and friendly children the city of Pavlodar. Our club has been founded in 2001 and all this time we have been developing in different directions. Several youth generations have changed in our club.

The republican project "Le vador, de vador" which means "From generation to generation" worked in the center. The children met with the older generation, gathered memories, wrote a book for the community, and also visited community members at home. They carried out petty help, congratulated on their birthdays and on holidays, and also looked after the graves at the Jewish cemetery. Besides the children take part in the Beyahad Volunteer Project. They also won the project "Beauty and Talent Contest", which was held during Hanukkah.

The youth club helps organizing and conducting Shabbat and Jewish holidays with the Jewish community.

Hobby clubs give a chance to unite intellectual youth, develop their interest in traditional Jewish values, Jewish history and culture. In Kazakhstan, the Republican competition on the Jewish tradition "From the Depth of Ages" was held in the city of Pavlodar.

The classes on traditions are held for youth programs participants who seek to expand their knowledge. On such classes, the children could get answers to a range of questions. The knowledge gained during these classes is then successfully applied in the activities of the Youth Club.

Theater, dance group "Mazal", vocal group "Anakhnu", art studios organize creative events. In the course of these groups work, young people acquire not only professional skills and abilities, but also knowledge about Jewish tradition and culture.

Every year they participate in the Central Asian Jewish International Festival of Children and Youth Creativity in the city of Karaganda. They also participate in concerts and events, in exhibitions of arts and crafts held in the city and region.

Educational seminars for youth activists, youth organization leadership courses - all this is not only the most important part of the overall leadership training program, but a necessary part of the work to ensure the continuity of leadership in the community itself.

When we talk about youth club we usually think about enthusiasm and fun that is usual for youth. National color, laughter and joy become permanent symbols of meetings in community centers.

There is a project "Scorched by the Holocaust" in which we are writing a book about the events of that time, the memories of people who survived this tragedy.

OUR GOAL: learning Jewish values, not only in classroom, but also by participating in stage performances, discussions, literary soirees, choreography and songs. We not only learn about the culture and customs of the Jewish people, but also learn to show our talents in a team, to be kinder and more tolerant to each other.

SHABBAT - Each Friday we gather in Hesed "Rachel" for the welcoming of Sabbath, because, as you know, not only Jews keep the Shabbat tradition, but the Shabbat also preserved the Jewish people.

TORAH STUDY CLUB (JUDAISM) - Every week, those who attend the club learn not only the content of the weekly Torah chapter, but also the comments on it, history. Such classes are also held at the children's day center.

HEBREW LESSONS - once a week classes for those wishing to learn Hebrew are held at the children's day center.

DANCE GROUP "MAZAL" take part in all the events and holidays held by Hesed, as well as in city and regional events. Diploma winners of the city and regional ECO fests.

THEATER STUDIO – we stage purim-shpils, we participate in performances for all Jewish holidays, in fests, we write scripts for performances.

CREATIVE WORKSHOP - we draw, model gifts from clay, plaster for birthday people from Hesed, we organize and participate in exhibitions, we take up photography.

TECHNICAL WORKSHOP - we do minor repairs in Hesed, we take care of the Jewish cemetery.

VOCAL GROUP "ANAKHNU" and CHILDREN GROUP "TAPUAH" - we participate in every city and regional events, we also stage our concerts.


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Youth Club director: Shatkovskaya Diana

Phone number: +7 7182 214504


Hesed Rachel,

44/1, Lermontova St., office 125,

Pavlodar, Kazakhstan