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J-Serve. Halom Youth Club members (Kirov) visited stray animals

Recently 10 teenagers from the Halom club visited “Wet Nose” animal shelter in Kirov together with volunteers. This was the first time the teenagers aged 13-17 took part in such a trip, so they prepared for it in advance. The club's curator told them why it was so important to help animals and described the benefits of volunteering.

The guys also brought tasty food to treat the four footed inhabitants of the shelter. After all, they not only wanted to make friends with the dogs, but also to give them warmth, care and the feeling that they were loved.

At first, the staff of the shelter got acquainted with the guests and told them about the pets, because each of the abandoned animals, as it turned out, had not only its own unique life story, but also a unique character, needs and habits. Then everyone chose his or her favorite pet and went for a walk in the forest.

The curators of the Halom club noted that after the trip, the teenagers became more friendly and understood how important it was to help everyone who was in need.

 «The dogs were very cute, and I wanted to take all of them home. The main goal of our trip was to help poor dogs, even very slightly, because no one deserves a life they have: what could be worse than being left without a home? We fed them, stroked them, talked to them and went for a walk. The dogs were very pleased. And most importantly, even such small animals need our help and support. We are very grateful for such an opportunity to visit the shelter», - Vera Vylegzhanina, a participant, shared her thoughts after the trip.

But as it turned out some animals also helped the children. For example, thanks to this communication with dogs, one of the participants, Anna Faibyshenko, mastered her own fear: «To be honest, I was a bit afraid, since these dogs were offended by people, and who knows what they have in mind after such a trauma. I am afraid of dogs, but looking into their sad eyes, I could not just stand aside, and in the end I was able to stroke and even feed them. Hopefully next time I will pull myself together and will take a walk with the dogs.

This month, two more outdoor events are planned at the Halom teen club: first one -  the BBYO festival in Yekaterinburg, the second one -  a picnic outside the city.