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Sunday. Evening. The lights are on ...

Sunday. Evening. The lights are on ... What an amazing day! For many of us, it has already become a true holiday, a day that differs from all other days by its vibes. This is exactly the day on which we can allow ourselves to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, boring activities and work and devote some time to ourselves and our loved ones.

Everyone decides for himself in what way he/she will spend the day of rest and creativity: someone will happily go to a long-awaited meeting with friends, some will stay at home with their family for a cup of warm tea, and others will plunge into an evening fairy tale and walk along the streets full of light. The guys from the club "Among Their Own " decided to combine everything together and hold a cozy at-home concert.

The key feature of this evening was the performance of the instrumental group "Tisa" with the beautiful and atmospheric song "Mi kamocha". The members of the club playing in this group managed to create the feeling of a real concert: guitar, drums, violin, piano, bass. Such an unusual set of sounds and voices brought out unforgettable emotions and energized the public during the evening. For sure, the participants were bowled over by the opening, but the most interesting "remained behind the scenes".

Surprisingly, most of the performances were poetry. The present youth generation is often considered “not reading literature” generation due to the fact that a huge percentage of schoolchildren, which, unfortunately, is not decreasing, do not know who Eugene Onegin is or who wrote Dead Souls.

However, the last at-home concert made us doubt the veracity of this statement: the teens chose mostly the works of the famous writers and poets, such as Sergei Esenin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Konstantin Simonov and Anna Akhmatova, which indicated their wide reading. In addition to the classics of literature, the teens also read poems of the authors, about whom most likely no one had ever heard before, but whose works became an interest of young minds. The readings were dedicated to various topics: from heartbreaking military letters to light positive poems, so that on that evening the teens were overcome with emotions.

Sunday. Evening. The lights are on... Only 6 words, but there are so many colors, emotions and feelings you can put into them. The warm and cozy at-home concert has already passed, but the sounds of the guitar, beautiful poems and emotional stories are still with us and bring us vital energy.