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AJT graduates have organized a summer online camp "Jew nomad" for teenagers from CIS countries

With the support of Tula Regional Jewish Charity Center "Khasdey Neshama" AJT graduate Sonya Bronstein has organized summer online camp "Jew nomad".

On the 20th of July, 23 camp members and an international Madrichs' team set out on an online journey to learn more about Jewish achievements in world history. The main task set by the organizers' team was to inform the camp members about outstanding Jewish personalities and their inventions that have changed the world forever.

The administrative manager of the camp is Sophia Bronstein, an AJT graduate and head of the Kadima Teenage Club, who gathered and organized an international Madrichs' team. All madrichs are graduates of AJTeam International Madrichs School: Inna Beznosova (Uzbekistan), Polina Karsonova (Russia), Alexander Gorodetsky (Israel), Sophia Shifrina (Russia). And also a great contribution to the development of the camp concept and participation in its work is made by volunteer program coordinator Grigory Morozov.

At their online meetings, the guys conduct experiments, carry out tests and make their own discoveries. Teenagers from different CIS countries participate in the camp. Guys are already immersed in such topics as: science, literature, music and art. This week in camp many more interesting things are waiting for teenagers:                                                                                            - a journey into the world of cinema
- guest speakers’ classes
- a cool gift auction for points earned throughout the camp.

Interesting? Follow them on camp Instagram “Jew nomad”