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A seminar of the School of Madrichs was held in Rostov

The middle of February was marked by the second seminar of the School of Madrichs. Teenagers worked on several topics: the Madrichs' value system, setting and checking their boundaries in working with hanihas and mechanisms of conducting classes.

The friendly circle of future madrichs tried themselves in creativity - the guys represented and told about their inner world. A cozy library, a rubber duck, yellow and scarlet sun, a mighty tree and flamingos - these are all visions of the guys about their world. During the presentation of their work, the guys pointed to particularly memorable and favorite elements of other worlds. So, in the world of "Cozy Library", the guys liked the fireplace, which warmed its owner and made him feel comfortable. Also the participants of the seminar actively work with voice and speech formulation; correctly formulated speech is a key to confidence in working with the group.

The themes of the second day were: conflictology, the mechanism of creating classes. The guys got acquainted with such terms as quarrel and conflict, learned to understand the nature of conflicts, manage and prevent them. The guys also actively worked in pairs, learning teamwork.

In two days, the guys have discovered a lot of new and useful things and are looking forward to trying out their skills at the Family Camp.