About Us

Active Jewish Teens is a network of teenage Jewish clubs in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. It was created in August 2014 with the support of JDC and today it exists in more than 60 cities of the CIS. The main principles of AJT work are Jewish education, volunteering, adolescent self-government and unification of the Jewish community.

The main task of the project is to create a new generation, which is active, with a sense of belonging to the Jewish people, with a knowledge and skill base for realizing themselves not only in the Jewish community but also in life.

The main criterion for participation in the AJT is age (13-17 years). In the AJT cities, which there are more than 60 cities, each teenager can come to the teenage club, create their own unique project or have their own role in the development of the club.

Besides to seminars and conferences, since 2016 several additional courses were opened in AJT:

· AJTeam – International Madrichim School for AJT graduates from 5 countries.
· AJTravel – trips to other cities to exchange experience and implement joint projects.
· AJTGovernment – teenage self-government system of AJT. The course provides the opportunity to become the president of AJT, to implement your own policy, to create the parliament and to represent the AJT movement at the World Teen Conference in the USA.
· AJTContest – monthly contests for all participants. Every month you can win a trip to the Szarvas summer camp in Hungary, a trip to a leadership seminar in Bulgaria or AJT branded gifts.
· AJTorah – an educational course where every teenager has the opportunity to lead an educational unit in their club and start studying the history and tradition of the Jewish people.
· FreeDom – pilot course, which is opened in 5 cities of the CIS since 2018. FreeDom is a course which is guided by a principle of equality between AJT teenagers and teenagers with special needs.
· Eco Festivals - festivals take place in all points of the CIS, 5 days in nature and living in tents, food on a campfire and studying traditions with the best teachers of the CIS.
· Global Events – every quarter adolescents initiate and organize common events for all clubs in the AJT network.
· J-Serve Day – a day of volunteering and ministry. Each club organizes a special activity in its town.
· Shavuot Night - cities and regions unite to spend the night of the Shavuot holiday, studying texts, traditions and currently important topics for teenagers.
· AJT Day - AJT opens its doors to see new projects and that’s the way how AJT celebrates the day of the project creation.
· AJT Sports Day – once a year teen clubs gather all the sports power to compete in team and personal sports. Every year it is more than 8 kinds of sport in which you can test your strength: football, basketball, eSports, checkers, chess, tennis, cheerleading, track, and others.
· The Day of Jewish Knowledge – adolescents organize their educational classes and masterclasses within the theme of the year in partnership with the global organization “Global Jewish Day of Knowledge”.
· Global Shabbat is a special Shabbat, which all the teenage departments of BBYO and AJT organize in one day. Usually, this Shabbat has a certain theme and enables the global teenage community to feel its unity.

All this is only the beginning of the unity of the Jewish youth, the future elite of all Jewish organizations in Russian-speaking countries.