Teenage club AJT-KHA (Khabarovsk)

The first meetings of the teen club AJT-KHA were held in November 2018. Our guys took part in two AJT Young Leaders Conferences in Kiev, and at one of them they got the award for "Breakthrough of the Year".

We have weekly Shabbat meetings, watch Jewish cinema, play, walk, and many other things that we like to do together.

We like to cook something together, learn about kosher cooking. This is how the "Kosher on non-kosher" project arose - a cooking project where we learn how to cook Jewish kosher dishes "despite our non-kosher world" around us. There is also a project that tells about famous people from the cinema, theater, music, and painting who have Jewish roots. Other projects are also being developed.

Managers: Timofeeva Yulia, Shevchenko Eva

Phone numbers: 89141982307, 89294067917

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.