Youth club MigdalCUTe (Odessa)

Youth club MigdalCUTe has existed for three years in JCC Migdal. Active and interesting teens aged 13-18 come here to implement the ideas of their projects and be the leaders or volunteers of the Jewish communities. Migdal is translated as a tower in Hebrew which beautifully represents our unity and mutual support in the club. Everyone here has a sense of belonging and makes part of the team. 
The teenagers meet up every Sunday morning to learn more about Jewish history, traditions and culture. We also meet oftentimes for Shabbat that is being celebrated here according to al Jewishness and traditions. It usually happens in the JCC in a kosher restaurant or in a cozy atmosphere at home of our director.
Moreover, we actively volunteer on J-Serve Day, help organize al community events, conduct workshops for children with disabilities. 
Teenagers of MigdaCUTe are the ride of our community center, as they have been winning international Olympiade Erudaica 2 years in a row, last year in 2017 we were named the smartest AJT club, and today in 2018 we are proud to be the most active teens club! 
Our teens are graduates of AJT seminars, international school of madrichim AJTeam, and participants of summer BBYO programs in the USA. 
One of our youth club participants is an administrator of AJTMemes project that has been officially called a breakthrough project of 2018. 
There are 7 working projects overall that have been started by our participants today. And each of our meetings creates new ideas! Participation in our club is a great opportunity for teens to feel their Jewish identity, to travel, find new friends in their cities and all over the world, and to do good!