Youth club (Izhevsk)

When did the Jewish youth club in Izhevsk appear? People say in 1997. Yes, that's just it, as if, it did not appear at all, but always existed! Who knows when the humour appeared? Or how old is friendship? They are, and they seem to have no point of reference! The same with the club of Jewish youth. Young mothers, bringing their children to Sunday school, will say that about 10 years ago was the best time of the club, when they - then still third-year students - organized colourful holidays for the community. Reputable adult men will remember that there were no more powerful events than 20 years ago when they were young activists, charging with their energy all around and certainly shining on television in regional news. Think that is all? No! Even a couple of young grandmothers will tell you how, in "... ten ninth year ..." they gathered in apartments to learn Hebrew is a company of students!

In general, there is no beginning of the movement!) G.d willing, and there will be no end.

Current participants of the club can tell a lot: about the weekly meetings and Sabbath celebrations, about the holidays that they did for Izhevsk and for neighbouring cities. About video blog "Near the Jew", where half of the Jewish Ural has already been shown, and about the educational channel "JewNIOR", which releases are played in clubs throughout the FSU.

Older children will certainly tell about mass raids to Ulyanovsk for REMC events, about prizes at the festival of Jewish cinema in Minsk. Who is more mature - will show photos from the Hillel clubs in Moscow. And very young members will tell during long time about prize-winning places in Erudaica.

The main thing is that all generations of the club understand: being Jewish for each of us is not a fashion. This is a necessity. Without a Jewish club, we seem to be living in half, cutting off part of ourselves. For us, only together with other Jews of the city it is possible to be yourself. If every member of the club knows this there will be no end to the movement!

Coordinators: Valera Sentiakov, Ilya Frolov

Address: Izhevsk, Ordzhonikidze str., 51

Tel: +7 (982) 993-55-73, +7 (912) 440-54-53