Youth Club (Ribniza)

Youth club in Hesed exist since 2003. It is attended by students of secondary and high school, high school graduates and students of the first courses (13-17 years to 23 years). The aim of the program is to create a strong link with traditions and culture, introduction of young people to the life of the Jewish community, strengthening Jewish identity. Club members participate in community festivals, various promotions, meet to discuss Jewish oriented themes, participate in informative and educational activities, quizzes. One of the most successful projects of previous years is a social project - "The suitcase of good deeds." In this project activists have implemented a lot of useful work: cleaning private homes of elderly Hesed clients, collecting waste materials for creative handmade and things «second hand» for most vulnerable Hesed clients. Young people participated in numerous charity events

Address:  Gvardeiskaya str 43

Tel:  0037355533944