Voronezh Jewish youth club

Voronezh Jewish youth club was opened in distant 1994. Synagogue was not yet passed to the community when Jewish youth in Voronezh decided to get together and make a "Hawdallah". There were cheerful holidays and crazy trips to the nature, all sorts of theater and hobby groups (vocal, choreography, club What? Where? When?), travelling to neighboring towns and communities, memorable gatherings on birthdays. Then there were few years of calm and the change of generations. Jewish Youth Club acquired it’s modern face and filling in 2008 - then Julia Starikova, Myron Feldman and a dozen of young people have decided to join the fun and friendly community life, and organized the Jewish youth club. The catalyst was "Taglit" project - after ten-day trip to Israel, many young people reinterpreted their Jewishness and forever became full members not only of the Jewish youth club, but also of the Jewish community in Voronezh: for example, with the help of Youth club was restored synagogue - a unique building for Chernozemye; burial in a Jewish cemetery in Voronezh was systematized and brought in order. Today Youth club of Voronezh brings together wide variety of young people, who have different interests and specialties. Club activists organizing different events and seminars:

- Hawdallah 

- Shabatons

- Volunteer actions 

- Patronage of the Jewish cemetery in Voronezh in the "Memory of Generations" Project

- Historical quests (with an emphasis on Jewish places of the city)

- Jewish Holidays

- A joint celebration of birthdays and other important events (we organized several wedding already, and how many of them there will be!) 

- Activities for Kindergarten "Shemesh Matanel" opened at the Synagogue

- Game room

- Music Club

- Psychological training, training on leadership

- Business training and seminars

There is only one chance to become a member of our Jewish youth club - join and join Jewish Youth Club Voronezh!

Address: Stankevich str 6

The Head: Miron Feldman

Tel: +7-953-119-14-75