Mishpaha Gdola (Ulyanovsk)

The club of young Ulyanovsk Jewish was created in 1996. At those times, there were not many activists – about 10 people, but gradually the organization was growing. Different seminars dedicated to Jewish culture, history and Hebrew studying were very attractive to young man and ladies, who wanted to understand their roots. 

Today as part of the club “Mishpaha Gdola” a lot of youth and teenager projects are functioning. 

The active part of “Mishpaha Gdola”  :

  • Annual national holidays celebrations for the entire community: Purim, Passover, Lag-Ba-Omer, Shavuot, Rosh-Ha-Shana, Sukkot, Hannukah etc.
  • Volunteer and charity activity
  • Arrangement of “Victory day” event for GPW veterans 
  • Assistance in Jewish community charity programs organization
  • Accomplishing of regular and one-time projects, directed to jewish tradition and culture reviewing.
  • Various workshops and clubs arrangement 
  • Participation in city and regional international events 
  • Helping to organize the work of “Sunday school” and “Senior club” 
  • Traditional religious events arrangement
  • District Jewish newspaper “Mishpaha Gdola” release

Meeting point:  Ulyanovsk city, 105 Lenina str. 

Contacts: Aleksandra Groznova

Tel: +7 960 3791700