Teenage club (Nizhny Tagil)

Youth club in Nizhny Tagil has a very deep and rich history. The first youth club was launched in 1991, with a trip to a youth camp. Then in 1993 a group of active young people from the community began to prepare and to conduct classes in Sunday school, community Shabbat and holidays. They found necessary materials and decided who will conduct an activity. And so it went on until 2000. Then there was a short break. Since 2003, the youth club began to hold seminars, to prepare and participate in the preparation of family programs in community center, there was a vocal ensemble and dance ensemble. There were 3 years of active work, then decline again. That is why activists of the community started thinking about importance of creating a teenage club. This work began in 2010. Teenagers were carried away by action Gmilut Hassadim and shooting video clips.. 

To date, this work continues. In addition, teenagers help to carry out community celebrations, go to camps and participate in seminars. In 2015, after participation in AJT seminar teenagers decided to try a new direction. After all, to date there is no project that would cover interests of teenagers themselves, who wanted to spend time actively and interesting. This will enable and support teens to remain members of the Jewish community and to realize their own interests, to try themselves in role of ideological inspirers, organizers and presenters.

Head of the club:  Efros Olga

Address: Lenin Avenue, 4a.

Tel: (3435) 41-23-51