Teenage club "SibJew" (Krasnoyarsk)

Kristina Tsiris and Misha Drannikov, graduates of the Metsuda Russia project, came up with the idea to create a teen club in Krasnoyarsk in 2012. The guys worked out a year-long program of the club, which was divided into several blocks, interconnected and united by a common theme. The program included the following blocks: drama club and costume design, cooking lessons, creative workshop, journalism studio.

During the project the teenagers not only learned about the history and culture of their nation, their historical homeland, but also gained huge experience in organizing and conducting Jewish events: holidays, master classes, charity events. The guys took on different roles using the skills they got at the club: for example, at Rosh Hashanah the teenagers presented their fashion collection, where they were as the models themselves. Or, as journalists, they wrote articles and interviewed on holidays.

The club got a new round of development thanks to the AJT project. There are many active teenagers in the club who are ready to make their dreams come true. Sonya Veinblat, Nikolai Protsenko, Miryam Skibitskaya, Anastasia Alexandrova. They're one of the numerous activists in our club. Currently, teenagers are already implementing projects such as: thematic Shabbats, where guys tell interesting facts about Israeli cinema, education, innovation, etc. Before the Sabbath, we bake our own Challahs, making them with love. No Shabbat can be without musical accompaniment, and often with dancing. Handing down and keeping traditions makes us closer, inspiring new projects.

Manager: Dyomina Maria

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Mira Ave 30/1.

Phone number: +79333327004