AJT-ALION teenage club (Samara)

The teen club AJT-ALION, which is located on the 5th floor of the office center, with a panoramic view of the city, got its name in this way: our good old friend from Israel came to our club for a lesson. At that time we were just thinking about the club's name and he came up with an idea - Alion, which means "Supreme". This name was chosen unanimously. Since then, we have been trying to justify the name of our club and always strive for the best!

Now in our club there are several projects and we hold weekly Shabbats and Sunday meetings, where guys from 12 to 18 can get new and sometimes very rare skills:

· AJTorah

· Talks to the rabbi on Jewish holidays

· Wonders of Colors

· Cinema Time

· AJTalk

· Kabbalat Shabbat

· Classes with lecturers

· Classes from a club coordinator

· Girls - club

Two years ago we had a small asset, and now we have increased it from 5 to 15-20 people. Onwards and upwards!

Our Social Media: Instagram - @alion_samara_ajt (teen club)

Club manager: Kiseleva Yana

Phone number: 8(906)342-47-42

Address: 4-Y Proyezd, 57, 5th flooroffice 512 (shopping mall “Rus' Na Volge”, entrance from the office side)