Teenage club (Cherkassy)

The youth club is currently 25 people (age from 12 to 18 years), up to 15 from them meet regularly. Meetings are held in Hesed on Friday at 17.00 and Sunday at 11.00. In addition, young people are involved in charitable events and activities held in the community. We try to diversify programs for teens with master class in which they participate as students and as teachers, children get new information and feel needed in the community. The group began to work actively in April, they prepared celebration of Passover for Jewish Sunday school. In May 2015 teens phoned and congratulated veterans, together with volunteers visited those elderly people who cannot move independently, congratulated them and gave flowers. Young people participate in actions collecting waste paper, they collected donations and used this money to buy hygiene items for orphan children. During visit to orphanage teenagers performed master class in weaving bracelets for children, they created eco-toys and helped to hold the auction to sell these products, funds were used to purchase necessary items to families - displaced from the war zone. Young people are involved in urban actions aimed at helping orphans and displaced people from Lugansk and Donetsk regions. During this relatively short period of time children could become friends and are ready to continue. Leadership classes and preparation for bar / bat mitzvah (10 young people went through this ceremony in summer) take place in the club. Classes "English Tea" and "Hebrew - language of the prophets," are very popular, here young people can gain additional knowledge, practice and continue to communicate with madrichim from America and Israel, who come to us for participation in shabbatons and family camps. Participants are actively involved in community programs, they conduct classes and events for preschool children. Thanks to the youth club dance group "Shmeyhele" (Smile) appeared in the community, we start to work on the creation of a theater group, it's possible, if young people are initiative, we hope that this will lead to good results, aimed at the development of the Jewish community.

Head of the youth club:  Polskaya Galina, Shpanenko Juliya

Address:  str. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 66

Tel: 0504481718, 0934018034