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Multifaceted Europe opens its doors to Jewish teenagers AJT

AJTravel project became the most popular educational-touristic program for activists of Jewish communities in FSU. But Youth Jewish movement AJT (Active Jewish Teens) has decided not to stop. In October, AJTravel EUROPE project will be launched, from this year multi-faceted Europe opens its doors to Jewish teenagers from FSU.

Educational-touristic trip will be held in October 5-9 2016.

5 days in the great company of like-minded AJT participants! New acquaintances, new emotions and knowledge, guided tours, walks through the historic Jewish sites in Europe. During AJTravel Europe participants will visit Prague, Terezinshtat and spend two days in Warsaw. The ideal solution for those who want to see the most amazing European places and meet with Jewish culture of Europe. Starting and final place of the trip is beautiful Lviv.

Conditions for participation consist of 3 criteria:

- Age: 14-17 years (inclusive)

- The cost of participation only 75 euros (insurance, visa (Czech), travel across Europe, 3x meals a day)

- self payment for tickets to Lviv

If you decide to join AJTravel Europe project – please registered at the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxeNZx4pajO5vYofK4g2_36RriUOWPjEZ6Ga4WHTSncFKmKQ/viewform and start to collect documents for your visa! After registration, organizers will contact with you and inform you regarding list of necessary personal documents for opening a visa.

Following deadlines should be fulfilled:

1st of September - the last day for the financial contribution (EUR 75)

7th of September - the last day for submission of all documents for opening visa


P.S. A PLEASANT SURPRISE!!! AJT community groups in the social network VKontakte launched a competition, which gives the opportunity to win a free ticket. Winner will become known on the 31st of August. Good luck and see you on the project AJTravel EUROPE.

The project, created in FSU youth movement - Active Jewish Teens (AJT), in early 2016, continues to erase borders between cities, countries and members of youth clubs in Jewish communities of the former Soviet Union. AJT doors are opened to all teenagers, organizations and partners.