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AJT teenagers in «Ambassadors to Bulgaria 2016» project (BBYO)

Ambassadors to Bulgaria – be a part of a close-knit group of teens from Bulgaria, and across Eastern and Western Europe and North America – forging lasting friendships and uniting our global Jewish community.

This year, young people from FSU youth movement AJT (Active Jewish Teens) took part in the BBYO international project.

For over a decade, BBYO organizes groups and missions of North American teenagers in Bulgaria. Ambassadors to Bulgaria - this is a great opportunity to be part of this tradition, to see what it means to be a Jew in different countries and build strong friendships between Jewish teenagers worldwide. 10-day program of cross-cultural "bridges" building and tourism in Bulgaria. Journey from cities to villages, from mountains to the Black Sea coast. As well as meeting Sabbath in Sofia together with the Jewish community of Bulgaria.

Congressman of AJT Youth Parliament, Nick Kvasha shared with us his impressions from the trip:

«When you get to the Ambassadors to Bulgaria, meet all these people yet unfamiliar to you, you feel like a guest. And this feeling does not leave you till your journey home. But every day this feeling skillfully mixed with something else. First, it is a sense of security, then comfort, and later you will not abandon the idea that you are familiar with each participant of the program for many, many years.

Program leaves such impressions which you'll remember for a long time. You can see not only historic part of Bulgaria, as well as modern cities, in addition you get acquainted with the culture as a whole. Every day at Ambassadors to Bulgaria has a very tight and busy schedule and if you trying to remember the journey as a whole, it is necessary to look schedule that is used in the program.

At first it was difficult to accept many issues, for example, that almost every day you live with a new, barely familiar to you foreigner. It was hard to say so "join" in this overall drive, but the program is designed so that at the end of the program everyone felt and keep memories of this wonderful time"

Ambassadors to Bulgaria is also an opportunity to learn about a country with a remarkable past and to tour its beautiful countryside. Explore the ruins of a contemporary city of Troy, relax on the shores of the Black Sea, and tour ornate synagogues, as well as get an unforgettable experience and friends all over the world.