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ECO Festival AJT 2016 was held in late July in Ukraine

Long-awaited summer event - bright ECO Festival AJT (Active Jewish Teens) for Jewish teens from Ukraine took place in the village Krupsko and Berezina (Lviv Oblast, Ukraine) on July 20-24.

AJT theme of the year «Art and Judaism" was chosen as the theme of the festival Holiday of green lifestyle took place in 50 km from Lviv. Classes with a rabbi, the best training and activities from AJT madrichim, mini-course in Hebrew by an Israeli member of the festival, unforgettable evenings with a guitar and much more acted within the festival.

Special guests of the festival were - Rabbi Reuven Stamov, representative of traditional Judaism movement, community leader of "Masoretes" Kiev, the best teacher for Jewish Education from St. Petersburg - Sergey Mitrofanov and cantor of the Moscow community Dmitry Karpenko.

Concept of the festival - the careful attitude to yourself and the environment, ethical consumption, healthy lifestyle. A unique feature of the festival is that it is a new format of active cognitive rest on the nature of Jewish teenagers.

Close the laptop, escape from the captivity of social networks and news, to show face to the sun, to squint and to breathe the fragrant air with pleasure, gather at the large and tasty table with friends, laugh and interact, listen to useful lectures - these simple meanings inspire and form the basis of AJT Eco-festival