Teens club “Jewlight” (Bryansk)

Our teen's club has been already existing for 5 years and is the platform for meetings of Bryansk active Jewish teens. “Jewlight” has become a unique opportunity for teens 14-17 years old to their ideas and skills implementation, new friends search, and also self-realization. 

During the entire existing of the club, there were a great amount of all possible projects started. Asfortodaytherearesuchactiveprojects

1. «AJTDance» (the leader – Yarlikova Elizaveta)
Description:    Israeli and Jewish dance classes for kids and their parents, annual dance competitions arrangement.  

2. «Jewish Planet» (the leader – Nasonov Nikita)
Description: info source about community activity 

3. «J-Art» (the leader – Zaikina Maria)
Description: Acquainting with Jewish symbols through the art 

4. «Isreali cuisine» (the leader – Zigerov Dmitriy)
Description: Acquainting with the secrets of traditional Israeli and Jewish cuisine and their origins. 

5. «Smartkids» (the leader – Karpuhina Ekaterina)
Description: classes for the smartest children in our community 

6. «Survival book» (the leader – Andrey Tyan)
Description: Classes about surviving in a forest and in wild nature in Judaism 

7. «Jew Motion» (the leader – Aristova Veronika)
Description: acquainting with Jewish holidays plots 

We are the active participants of international volunteer actions and different events. Taking part in such big events as Global Day, J-Serve Day, Shavuot night, Sports Day, AJT birthday, we create a big crowd for our teens and strengthen the Jewish community in our city!

The head of the club: Belenkiy Denis

Address: Bryansk city,  JCC “Hesed Tikva” Osoavihim ave, 3B