Youth Jewish club

Project "Youth Jewish club" started its work in 2010 and was created for involving and uniting Jewish Youth of Tbilisi. Participation in the project allows you to meet new friends, communicate, learn, have fun, celebrate Jewish holidays together, learn Jewish traditions and Hebrew language, share your ideas and help the ones who need it, and to be among “your people”.  

Taking part in the project helps strengthen intergenerational bonds, allows to develop, to embody your ideas in life, to create new projects, and to be more responsible.

Youth Jewish club is based on the principles of informal education that makes it interesting and attractive for the youth. Nowadays the number of participants reached the point of 120 people, the majority of whom are teenagers.

The projects invites to participate in the options that are actively working now, such as:


·Volunteer projects

·Working with youth

·Counselors school

·Youth club’s events

·Shabbatons and trips

·Camping camps

·Integrating with the programs of Jewish cultural educational fund

·Project B.B.Y.O.


·Volunteer projects:

1) Visiting orphanages

2) “Grandson for an hour”

3) “Older brother”

4) Birthday of the month

6) Cleaning the cemetery

·Working with youth:

1) Meeting and activities

2) Cinema club

3) Learning Russian language with the help of theatre performance (new)

4) Musical club

5) Yiddish dance for teenagers

6) "Funny video" club

7) Shabbat meeting at Lizas (new)


·Counselors school (new)

Preparation of counselors to work in summer family camps, projects of the youth club and cultural educational fund.  


·Youth club events

Events for holidays and important dates.

Welcome day (presentations of the youth club projects, event “Honorable volunteer” ( the event is dedicated to the work of our volunteers, with  diplomas and presents), etc.



Outdoor shabbatons with some specific topics

·1-day trips:

          Escursions, picnics

           Camping camps (2-3 days)

          Outdoor camping Shabbatons

·Integration with the programs of Jewish cultural educational fund.

1) Conduction and participation in the events that are organized by Jewish cultural educational fund.

2) Participating and working with the project “Jewish education”

3) Conducting lessons and activities and help in organizing events together with “Shalom Sezam”




Address: Tbilisi, str. Vachtanga VI, №30

Tel: +995 593 13 68 89

The head: Miladze Anna