Youth club Moadon le-manhigut

Youth club Moadon le-manhigut (Young leaders’ school) in Beltsi was created in 2012, when after a holiday camp young people decided to open a youth club in order not to lose touch with each other and the Jewish community. Since then Beltsi youth club started actively participating in city Jewish life, including organization of various events for children and adults (celebrating Jewish and international holidays, organizing charitable events, such as cleaning territories and creating different handmade gifts to the elderly) as well as creating performances for ethnical and city festivals. Many club’s participants are counselors of summer camps that are organized with the help of Jewish community of twin-city Greensboro, Northern Carolina, the USA. Beltsi youth club’s team has twice participated in a festival that is organized in the capital of Moldova that is dedicated to Purim – PurimFest and was twice awarded for the best roles, scenarios, idea and musical score. During these years the youth club Moadon le-manhigut keeps being the basis for participating and fulfilling different projects, grants, seminars and trainings.


Address: lane Musika Pinkenzona 5, Hesed Yaakov

Tel: +37369012875

The head: Groisman Dima