Youth club “B&B” Bobruisk

The youth club of city Jewish community has existed for more than 15 years now. 

During this time there have been a lot of changes in the management and the participants of the club. Its members take part in international festivals dedicated to Chanukah and Purim, and other holidays. They also have quite active community life throughout a year: they conduct activities and Shabbat meeting with children with special needs, they visit Second World War veterans. The youth club has a very friendly and warm relationship with the Synagogue, they participate in its life and they help every Jewish holiday. Club’s members have various activities on Jewish traditions, and they by themselves conduct different activities for the younger ones. Some of the participants launch their own projects that have a positive impact on team’s unity and their self-identity. For example, recently one of the club’s participants started teaching others plating the guitar. We hope for its further development, involving of new participants and strengthen Jewish self-identity. 


The head: Egor Tara

Addressstr. Engelsa 92/77

Tel: +375296686387