The teens club "TSKV" (Astrahan)

Astrahan teens club opened on Aug 30, 2018.
This age had been involved in community life earlier. The teens club "Hevre" had functioned successfully under the supervision of Pitshelauri Rusico and "METSUDA" project participant Daria Pletneva before Hesed reorganization in 2018. In August 2018 the decision to revoke teenage club was made by METSUDA project graduate Adaibekova Maria and AJT project participant Viktoria Shituhina. Teens participate actively in community life. They perform events, welcome Shabbat, prepare interesting sessions about their people history, they took part in leadership seminar AJT twice. 
The head of the club: Adaibekova Maria
Adress: Astrahan city, Nikolai Ostrovskyy street, office 124. 216. Business center "Global", second floor.