Krasnodar Jewish teenage and youth clubs «JEW KRD»

Krasnodar Jewish youth club is functioning from Dec 11, 2011. On the July 26, 2016 a wonderful teenage club appeared.
Kids from 10 to 18 years old meet each other weekly, to have good and interesting time, but what is important – to do it together.
“Jew krd” id for kids who want to communicate, personal fulfilment and find a place in our cozy community.

Today if you come to our event you will meet about 30 creative and unique teenagers!

Join us, improve yourself and make this world better, as we:
- are involved in Jewish education;
- visit seminars, where 40 teens from SFD (South Federal District), Moscow and S.Petersburg regions meet, get to know each other and develop;
- lead our own projects;
- participate in volunteer actions;
- arrangecamps, shabbathons, forums.

We are waiting for You!

The head of teenage club: Ivanchenko Polina
Tel. +79633829898

The head of youth club: Sergey (Shmuel)
tel. +79615211604