Teens club "Miseba"

The establishment of the Rostov teens club was associated with Global day 2014. The club was founded by Tatiana Velichko – a Youth Leadership Project METSUDA graduate.“Madrichim school”and leadership seminar “AJT”are foundational programs in our club.

Our teens are
- Active participants of all voluntaries
- madrihim of family camps who lead art studios for kids and teens, daytime camps and shabbatons; project leaders and initiators of new programs.

There are such permanent projects in our club:
- Madrihim school
- Tradition
- Everithing inside us
- Holiday celebrations for kids
- Self-starterAJTprojects

Any teenager or youngster can find his place in our club: as a project leader, an active participant or a volunteer. A good tradition of our club is a Miseba board, which gathers the brightest representatives of teens and youngsters once a month, and they work out plans for future club development and big events and projects realization.

The head: Kuleshova Evgenia
Club coordinator: Shumskiy Ilya
Phone number: 8(863)203 – 623 - 13
Address: 3\3 Bauman str. Rostov-on-Don