AJT Kazan

AJT movement exists in Kazan since 2016. Local community has a great potential through the big amount of active jewish youth. Teens from our city bring into action their projects, during all time of existing there has been awarded a lot of grants and due to AJT support there has been put in life such projects as:

1. AJTrip project is aimed to travel and wild nature lovers. Teenagers can learn everything about hiking organization and proper behavior in wild nature. Also, they gain cool and useful skills, which they can use in their routine life.  

2. Jewish teens quests (JTQ) Accomplishing a quest teens deep in the atmosphere of Judaism, learn traditions and customs of the Jewish in a game form. At the end of quests there are always some thematic gifts given to participants.

3. Wise heads At this project teens develop their intellect. They express their opinion and learn to listen to others looking through quotes from some literature work. This way they study not only the text but also their talk partners. 

4. Overhead cinema (Movie on the ceiling) Teens choose the movie with some Jewish topic or component and watch the movie placing themselves comfortably on the floor with soft pieces of furniture. After watching they discuss the movie and exchange their opinions. 

5. Catch the buzz on this project participants develop their teamwork skills, practice new methods of team-building. 

Activists of youth movement have already work out the program of events for the next year, which consist of such activities as: 

1. Madrihim school – gaining skills of work in a group and arranging the events

2. Shabbath keepers schedule – the list of kids, who will lead Shabbath in the community, preparing both Kabalat Shabath and an hour entertaining program after it. 

3. Annual regional shabbaton – a meeting of teens from Kazan and other teens at three days offsite event. 

And also for the first time ever a new AJT direction was founded in Kazan in 2018 – AJT junior – the event where experienced participants tell newcomers about AJT and share their experience. 

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The head: Kononova Tatiana 
Address:  15 Profsojuznaja str, 3 floor, Kazan, the RF. ZIP 420111 
Еmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone number: +89172890089