Counselors school (Yekaterinburg)

We can be sure in the younger generation of activists of the Jewish community of Yekaterinburg. They do not like to call themselves "teenagers", but like to wear the proud name of madrichs, activists and participants of the AJT movement, and now also the members of the teenage club NAAR (the river) and the youth movement of the EJCC "Menorah" MYC (Menora Youth Community).

By the way, AJT in Yekaterinburg appeared exactly on time: at the very moment when board games and field seminars for the aim of board games and visiting seminars already became too boring. Young people themselves asked to teach them the art of madrich, and then we started a special leadership course with a simple title "School of madrichim." Despite the fact that they still were much younger than 18 years, we gladly acquainted them with the main principles of non-formal education and not only. Every week we invited specialists in various fields: theatre skills, teamwork, child psychology and many others. Six months later, these participants became the main stars of the city's children's camps, then successfully worked in family camps, became participants in the adult school of the Madhim, and finally began to develop their projects. AJT-movement, as already mentioned, appeared very timely. Our dreams and desires coincided perfectly, and as a result, many additional opportunities were opened. Young activists have already visited many AJT conferences and seminars, they took part in various events in Bulgaria, the USA, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova and not only.

Now young people are one of the main assets not only among peers, but also the main assistants in the preparation and conducting of events for any other age. To date, 4 independent projects have been planned or are already being implemented to some extent: Film Club, Mastery of Photography, Successful Development in Social Networks, The Theatre. Activists also independently run Mazl Tov project for children aged 3-6, participate in the children's rock band IZI (10-15 years). They not only work actively in the camps, but also develop programs for different ages, and they want even more: to learn, to practice new skills and to create something new!

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Head of the direction: Anastasia Zhitova

Address: Yekaterinburg, Lenin str 56а

Tel: 8 919 377-64-43