Youth club (Saratov)

The youth program in Saratov exists for 5 years, and lately the number of participants has greatly increased. For the participants there is an opportunity to implement their interests in different directions:
- the teens club, which works in cooperation with AJT
- youth program
- Madrihim school

Our club is working due to the activity of our teenagers and youth. We are into:
- Jewish history and tradition studying
- Jewish cuisine
- Online journal
- Various volunteer actions
- Musical project
- Shabbat and Havdala welcoming, and other J ewish holidays celebrating

Also we have :
- Board games club
- Jewish movie club
- Madrihim school

Daria Zaharuk, 15 y.o. (Online journal)
“AJT – is a different world, where everyone can find themselves, just like I did one day. My first seminar was in 2017, when I started my own project “Online journal” which is still up-to-date in Saratov community. At the moment BBYO has given me the opportunity to develop my project and now we are printing booklets for attraction of new people to our youth club. After I passed two AJT seminars the new stage became available for me – International Madrihim School AJTeam. The experience that I received at the seminar is invaluable. Now in the community I arrange some holidays, annually I work in camps and participate in youth club life. I never skip “

Hasdei Jerusalem” volunteer actions. The activity of Saratov community is a great thing which should be developed further. Andwe, teenagers, helpwithourideas. Besides the knowledge, AJT is a way to success and interesting people, which you meet in trips. In conclusion, I can say that AJT is a way to success and new knowledge, meeting new people and of course self-realization”

Mihail Nikitin, 19 y.o. (AJTundra, BBQ)
Hello my name is Mihail, I lead 2 projects : AJTundra and BBQ (Big Brothers Quest). For AJTundra project I tell about survival in theory and in practice, that helps teens to feel the team spirit, as everyone feels their strong and week points while accomplishing the task. This project is popular in many Russian cities.

At BBQ I arrange quests in real life ranging from horror theme to thematical role plays. So far it is inside project but I hope that it will grow in future.

Teens from the club and I were at different seminars and shabbatons, starting with AJT seminars to Metsuda session. Also I was at the AJT conference and at the Masa Shorashim project. Every trip offered me new emotions, knowledge, and also new friends.

To sum up, I would like to say that due to my coming to the club, my life has turned very sharp turn and now I know the place where I can be that which I am.

Youth club Lemon Club in Saratov is new knowledge, meeting and lots of positive emotions.

The head: Semen Fomin
Address: Saratov city, 65 Universitetskaya str., room 73
Phone number: 8(902)041 98 15