The youth club "IJew" (Vinitsya city)

The youth club has been functioning for 5 years. The club participants are actively involved in all AJT conferences. 3 club participants have become AJTeam project graduates. Every year the club is being expanded by new participants. As part of club activity a longterm project "Children to children" has been implemented, and it is in fact kind of madrihim school for teens. 

Also, there are such projects as:
"Sport teenager", "A journey to shtetl" which gives an opportunity to perform events with youth clubs participants form small cities of the district, and also "Shabbat from everywhere". 
Last year a young club participant became a coordinator of "AJTorah" project. The head of the club is Metsuda 2018 leadership project graduate - Konstantin Kondratiev. 
The head of the club: Konstantin Kondratiev
Adress: Ukraine, Vinitsya, Kosmonavtov prospect, 8