Youth Club "Arayot" (Kharkov)

In 2012 Jewish teenagers of Ukraine first participated in the international convention that was held in Atlanta, the USA. The first participants were Rubina Zoya and Ruvinova Rebeca, as well as a volunteer form the US Golan Mishel.   After a few months with the support of BBYO and American Distribution Committee “Joint” in the Jewish cultural center “Beit Dan” there was created a teens club. Its idea was that teenagers by themselves were creating and conducting  events and various volunteer actions. The role of the adults was to help them and coordinate.

There were up to 30 people in the first events like special evenings for talented and creative people, parties and shabbatons. The work was pretty successful taking into account the age of the first heads of the club, they were 16-17 years old.

Later a volunteer from the Canada, Ezra Moses, took place of another volunteer from the US.  We’d like to emphasize his contribution to club’s work.

There was also a great deal of help from the volunteers of Youth Jewish Association.

Today the teens club is a fairly active movement whose participants independently conduct volunteer actions, events, attend shabbatons and summer camps. Many of them have become counselors.

Teens club JCC “Beit Dan” is a marvelous platform for growing generation where everyone can find and fulfill oneself, get a new interesting experience, travel, find new friends and get positive emotions.

Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv, 61072, str. Tobolskaya 46

The Head (Youth Jewish Association): Nika Simonova

Tel: +38(050)855-64-33 

The Head (Arayot): Dasha Kostemko