Mifgash (Kropivnitsky)


"Mifgash" is a youth club of Kirovograd. “Here were always ready to help, there’s a warm atmosphere and you’ll never get bored with us for sure”More about the club:

There are 15-18 people attending our youth club. They’re aged 14-17 years. 


Our work is pretty various. We organize volunteer actions (May 9th, cleaning Jewish cemetery…) cinema-club, break dance. We celebrate different Jewish holidays, meet Shabbats. We organize special evenings of talented and creative people, where we enjoy the live music, karaoke, eat tasty food and just have some good time together. Recently Yana Glushenko has launched a project «living without a mobile phone is difficult, but possible”. There was an action in April organized by Hillel where we took part, it’s called “A week of good deeds”, we were baking cookies with predictions, presenting balloons, our participants were happy to take part in that action.  There are also family shabbatons in summer where we can spend meet Shabbat in a big family circle, play and just enjoy the time that’s spent together.

Since May we’ve been visiting together with the participants memorable memorials of Jewish Nazi Victims (that are located in Kirovograd region).


Address: str. Chmilenki 90/40, Kropivnitsky

Tel: +38066 396 42 17

The head: Larisa German