Lo Domim (Kyiv)

Jewish community center "Halom" is aimed to discover new creative facets. In the center there are many different directions: children's programs; choreography; creativity; language courses, programs for elderly people; teenage and youth clubs; volunteer center and much more.

"Lo Domim" in translated from Hebrew as "unlike". And it is really so. We are different, but we are one mechanism. Every week classes on Judaica, leadership and volunteering are organized for participants. At the end of each course, acquired knowledge are “fixed” by intensive form of lessons. The most active teenagers visit school of madrichim and carry out their own projects. During the year appeared classes in following areas: filmmaking, English, sports, quests across Jewish Kiev, psychology, development of computer games, study of Torah through astronomy, fashion.

Address: Kazimir Malevich str., 86-О

Director: Buzunov Ilia

Tel: +38(068)-941-88-05, +38 (099)-544-89-36