Kochavim (Sumy)

Jewish Youth club “Kochavim” in Sumy has existed for 13 years. This means that those ones who were born the same year the club was founded have now become its members. The activities in the club take place regularly twice a week. The youth and teenagers learn Jewish traditions and Jewish history, Torah, Jewish cuisine, Jewish dances, Jewish writers and poets, they talk about Israel, touch critical social topics, celebrate Jewish holidays, communicate and exchange information with the participants of Youth Clubs in other cities. Some of the participants have become counselors of a Sunday school, some of them sing in an ensemble “Aviv”.  The members of the youth club actively cooperate with the Sunday school: they conduct various workshops and trainings, organize holidays celebration for children and their parents. Youth club together with ensemble “Aviv” and the participants of the Sunday school organize different festivals, actions, flashmobs, and sometimes these events are on the municipal level. Volunteering is very popular in the youth club as well - we are always ready to help and support.

Counselors of the youth club write invent projects, that allows involve more new participants to the club. Recently there have been launched 2 new projects: “Shabbat at someone’s house” and “Jewish cinema club”. The purpose of the project “Shabbat at someone’s house” is to allow Jewish youth to live full Jewish life and to keep one of the most important commandments of Torah keeping Shabbat. In turns participants of the youth club visit each other’s homes to meet Shabbat.  The homeowner has to prepare some entertaining program for the evening. In the future we’re planning to extend the project and to conduct Shabbat meetings at home of elderly people with reduced mobility.

The aim of the send project “Jewish cinema club” is to focus on critical social topics, such as relationship between people of different nations, Jewish question and anti-Semitism.


Address: Ukraine, Sumy, str. Cooperativnaya 17, Sumy charitable Jewish fund “Hesed Haim”,

Tel: (0542)-781842

The head: Valeriya Tsareva