Attack! New projects in the city!

AJT project seminar was held in Yekaterinburg from October 28 to October 31, involving teenagers from 10 cities of the Urals / Siberia and Far East regions.

“Where are we from? How did it happen that our ancestors appeared in the Urals and Siberia?” – those were the questions the seminar, the acquaintance and the geography studies started with. The participation of madrihim from different parts of the region helped to create a real picture of the today’s life of the communities. Alexandra Gutenberg (the head of the “Novo” club) and regional congressman Kristina Amelchenko, Gleb Chuchalin from Izhevsk, Polina Balyk (the head of the “Ani ve Ata” club), Darina Glazyrina (the head of the “Lior” club), Mark Kondrashkin from Yekaterinburg and Tamir Novgorodov (the head of the “Naar” club) – you were wonderful! Having learnt the origins, nowadays communities and teenage clubs, their needs were discussed with the madrihim.

Christina Amelchenko: “I was inspired by the participation in the seminar! It was a completely new experience that motivated me to grow as a madrich, graduate from AJTeam and then take part in AJT events as a madrich. “

This seminar was focused on projects and initiatives. The graduates were analyzing existing projects, and the newcomers created new ones. “What are the needs of the Jewish communities in the region?” – a question that was raised and seriously thought over during the seminar.

Ivan Beloliptsev from Ufa: I definitely liked everything very much! We had a lot of activities. I was filled withknowledge, got acquainted with new methods of teaching teenagers and created my new project. “

During each class at the club and at the seminars of the AJT network, special attention is paid to Jewish education. This time the seminar participants, together with Alla Magas, the head of the AJT project, compiled a kind of glossary with basic concepts and rules.

Maria Spektor from Yekaterinburg: “I liked the seminar so much. There was a lot of new interesting and useful information; classes during which we talked about really important values. I got a lot of positive emotions, motivation and of course now I have an idea for a project. ”

Enriched with knowledge, we got acquainted with the basics of project management and project implementation. An introductory lecture on projects from the coordinator Polina Ivanchenko stimulated the children to write their first projects during the seminar.

Roman Dolgashev from Novosibirsk: “The seminar turned out to be very good. The classes were interesting, not boring. Every day I wanted to learn more and more. There were many emotions, experiences. Madrichimand the whole team did their best and I’m very grateful for that! It was very important for me to take part inthis seminar and come up with an idea for my project. I did it! ”

The most interesting part is yet to come – the launch of projects that are in great demand in the communities of the region. Each seminar participant gets a unique opportunity – to win a “mini AJT grant” for the implementation of his/her idea!