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Representatives of AJT Ukraine took part in International Leadership Seminar in Israel 2017 (ILSI) from BBYO

This year, BBYO invited Jewish teenagers who want to become real leaders, to gather in Israel for 3 weeks, and spend unforgettable summer searching of adventure and personal growth.

International Leadership Seminar in Israel 2017 (ILSI) unites several educational tours, leadership and management courses, practical public work and opportunities for interaction with a wide range of Israeli society. Departing from the far north to the deep Negev desert, it was an excellent opportunity to learn the historical importance of Israel and to feel a deep connection with the Jewish homeland and Jews around the world. 

AJT representatives from Ukraine, Lisa Chasnykh (Sumy) and Nazar Gadomsky (Kirovograd), this year went on an unforgettable journey from BBYO as part of an international group of participants

"International Leadership Seminar in Israel 2017 means: 19 days, 456 hours, 92 people and one goal - to become a leader. All this happened in one of the most important countries of the world - Israel. The understanding that all these people have gathered in one of the most beautiful, educated, cultured countries of the world with one goal - to become a leader, exceeds all possible expectations. During 19 days we all became one big family. Together we climbed a mountain 880m high and met the dawn, we went through ancient caves together, we spent time together in the desert and most importantly, we supported each other in any situation. For us, there were no insurmountable situations, we were always ready to put a shoulder to everyone who needed it. "- Nazar Gadomsky (Kirovograd, Ukraine)

 Despite the fact that the trip involved a lot of teenagers from different countries, ILSI - is an individual educational experience - with one senior teacher attached to each group of 20 teenagers. ILSI invited Jewish teenagers from across North America and around the world, including countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Latvia, Croatia, Israel and FSU countries

ILSI - is more than just a tour. This is a great opportunity to communicate with the people of Israel. As part of the program, meetings with teenagers from Maccabi Tzair (the BBYO fraternity movement in Israel), soldiers of Israel Defence Forces and representatives of ethnic and religious leaders of Israel were held

Route of International Leadership Seminar in Israel 2017 (ILSI) was divided into 3 blocks (3 weeks):

1st WEEK  After landing at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, the ascent to Jerusalem began, where the first part of the week was devoted to studying the foundations of Jewish history and the role of Jerusalem in it. The first Shabbat was held in Safed, bringing participants together in the heart of this ancient city of Jewish education, high in the Galilee.

2nd WEEK | In Galilee, the teenagers followed the path of key leaders who formed our story from Exile to Return and explored how this region influenced Israeli history. Traveling this week in the north included unforgettable night's sleep on the shore of the Galilee Sea, and wide variety of opportunities for adventure - rafting, hiking and much more. Second week the young leaders spent together with the local host family.

3rd WEEK |During last week teenagers went to the south - to desert areas of Israel. Where they could enjoy the sunrise from Masada, swim in the Dead Sea, ride a camel at sunset and, in parallel, to learn how Israel is flourishing today in the desert. The journey continued in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, where teenagers learned about the fundamental values of Israel, “touched” the innovative culture of Tel Aviv and examined trends that determine the future of the Jewish state.

The idea of this seminar was to study the qualities of a true leader through the history of the Jewish people. We were shown the difference between command and leadership on the example of the commanders of Israeli armed forces, we were told about the leaders of the Jewish people and we learned how to work in a team. We've heard a lot of different opinions about different things and thanks to this we have our personal vision of this or that situation. At this seminar I was able to expand my circle of communication due to the knowledge of the English language and I told everyone about AJT and its possibilities. "- Nazar Gadomsky (Kirovograd, Ukraine)