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Project Now!

180 teenagers from 7 countries took part in the AJT Project seminar. A highly specialized online seminar allowed teens from the FSU to get new knowledge on project activities and start implementing their ideas!

The regional AJT coordinators were the speakers of the seminar. Together with the children, they discussed the needs of Jewish communities, current trends for teenagers. The participants also obtained basic knowledge in the field of project management.

Daria Olkhovskaya, Kharkov: “The seminar is very cool, it helped to organize the knowledge in my head for the project creation and implementation. Every day the coordinators provided us very useful information in the course of discussion and various interactions.”

The teenagers, who have already been implementing their ideas in the club, conducted an in-depth analysis at the seminar and developed a plan to enhance the strengths and to work on the weaknesses of the project.

This seminar was useful for the beginners because for them the "project" was no longer something mysterious or frightening. Already at the seminar, the teens started planning, and immediately after the seminar, they began to launch and implement the project on the teenage club and the Jewish community platform.

Dasha Guryavaya, Gomel: “First of all, the seminar taught me how to properly organize my time and distribute opportunities. Thanks to the seminar, there appeared lots of ideas and motivation for creating my first project. During the classes, everything was explained in an accessible language. Another plus was that before the start of the main activities there were Icebraker games))))"

Viktor Kalinovskiy, Novosibirsk: “The seminar left extremely positive emotions. As a beginner in AJT and a person who does not have a project yet, it was quite interesting for me and most importantly useful to learn the information provided at the seminar. The only thing left is to apply it in practice. "

After the offline seminars, the AJT mini-grant was always launched. This online seminar was not an exception. Each seminar participant gets a unique opportunity - to win a grant to implement his idea!

Ilana Smolina, Kazan: “The seminar is very cool - the coolest coordinators and classes, the most useful skills for creating your project from scratch, which in the future will be useful not only for the project itself, but also in life. Great systems, budget calculations and many other things that will stay with me forever.