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"Snow Troops" in Kazan

Probably most people are looking forward to the first snow, because, in addition to the time of fairy tales and magic, the time of active winter holidays comes to us: skiing, skating, snowboarding, sledding, snow tubing and much more. All of this is aimed at encouraging people to spend more time outside with friends and family and not freeze from the harsh winter outrages. That's how the members of the Kazan youth club "Among Your People" spend their time - together and with fire!

Having gathered together and taken warm clothes and a lot of positive emotions, activists went to the holiday camp "Lebyazhye", where dynamic game called "Snow Troops" was organized for them.  The guys plunged into the atmosphere of the harsh conditions of the frosty woods and wildlife, and under the strict guidance of instructors and trainers they had a combat training course. The group was divided into two teams, which were training separately from each other. First, people got to know each other within their teams, had a warm-up and came up with names for their teams. Next, participants had to pass a series of challenges, for which their teams received a certain number of points, which gave an advantage in the final battle. But let's not put everything on the table!

During the challenge phase, each team member developed the skills of a real fighter: air rifle shooting, archery, javelin and axe throwing, safety jumping from a high altitude and fencing. It's a special and unforgettable experience because it's not every day you get the chance to feel like a fierce Spartan with a spear in his hands or a skilled archer, shooting his arrow at a target. All this training helped the guys feel more confident, decisive and courageous, which can all be useful in the future. After passing all the challenges, the fighters moved to the "peace zone," where they warmed up and drank tea together, after which the final battle awaited them.

After a hot and tense battle participants were awarded special gifts. But the most important gift, as it seems to us, was the emotions and impressions gained during the game. Everyone managed to get something new for themselves, and even if not, they certainly had a good time.

"This event was well-planned and organized, there were no mishaps, and the organizers did a good job of keeping the participants warm. No one was shortchanged and everyone had a great time. Of the most remarkable ones, I can mention the capture of the flag and the sword fight. Special thanks to the organizers for their work. The snow troops get 10 out of 10 snowballs from me personally," says club member Bogdan Sabirov.

Winter is cold and harsh, but the guys are not afraid of the frost, because they can always get together and feel the warmth of friendly hearts. And we feel warm and happy, because we are AMONG OUR PEOPLE!!!