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Opening of the season in teen club "NAAR" (Yekaterinburg)

On October 3, the year of 5781 was marked by the opening of the season in the AJT teen club - Ekaterinubrg ''NAAR". The guys were happy to see each other again after the summer holidays and spend time offline.

At the entrance, all visitors were given memorable bracelets made by the club activists themselves. Afterward, in addition to the traditional bar, where one of the bartenders was Sophia Pivenstein, a graduate of the teen club this year, the participants could take a photo, following all preventive measures.

At the event, there was a game with the characters of the sticker pack of the club activist Liya Krichevskaya. The game was designed as a board game with tasks on Jewish themes, club, and AJT activities. We guessed who of the celebrities is a Jew, why we need different attributes of Jewish holidays, named the songs we sing on Shabbat, recalled the names of AJT presidents, recognized the sounds of nature. We were presented with new projects of the club's activists and the team itself, which was expanded and enriched with new people!

The evening was filled with a warm atmosphere and cool music. All participants have left with new knowledge and a good mood.
The opening is over, but the memories of it will stay with us for a long time!